Do it yourself
    04 November 2016


    Bring the iPhone 6 to life

    Using virtual reality, you can experience the iPhone 6 right now on your Android or Apple smartphone!

    Are you curious about the new iPhone 6? Do you want to experience some of its features and get a sense for what it's like to use – without having to head down to the local Vodacom shop?

    Well you can! Simply download the free My Vodacom app, tap on 'Virtual Reality' and then scan the special symbol (the lightning bolt code below) to unlock an awesome visual interaction with the iPhone 6.

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a fun technology that adds an extra layer of content to the world around you using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. With Vodacom's iPhone 6 AR experience, you can take a look at all the great new features on Apple's latest smartphone in an easy-to-use, interactive way.