Business advice
    02 May 2021


    Building a future ready business for 2021

    Digital transformation has been at the top of the business agenda for years. COVID-19 simply sped up the process. 

    In March 2021 Vodacom Business hosted a ‘phygital’ event with famed trend and innovation strategist John Sanei for all RED VIP customers. The topic of the event was ‘Re-ignite your business’ and attendees were taken on a fascinating journey into the future of business and were given access to exclusive content to help grow and improve their business.

    Throughout the talk, John highlighted how we are currently moving from an old world, into an exciting, new digital age. And it is with this movement where business strategy becomes so important.

    Complicated vs Complex

    The world we are leaving behind was a complicated one, while the new world is complex, and there is a massive difference between the two. Simply put, a complicated world is the one we have been trained and educated on and one in which society as a whole has been built around. A complicated world is a world that has patterns, and patterns repeat themselves. And because of those patterns, you could build five or even ten-year business plans around the info you have extrapolated from the past.

    A complex is one in which the old rules have been thrown out. A complex world is changing day to day, and the plan that worked yesterday may no longer be relevant today. We have now moved from a world of ‘just in time' to ‘just in case’ and this is where your business strategy needs to fit in. A ‘just in case’ outlook is what we need for a complex world.

    In 2020 the world was hit by a pandemic very few saw coming. While many businesses initially rushed to adapt to mass remote working, the transition proved fruitful for businesses and employees alike, specifically those with a ‘just in case’ mindset.  Employers saw the financial and productivity benefits of having people work from home, and employees remained as productive as ever (but with a better work/life balance).

    Collaboration and mobility

    The way we think about collaboration in the future will be more around ensuring employees can communicate with colleagues and customers from anywhere. So you need to ensure you provide the latest cloud-based collaboration tools that allow them to work together easily while maintaining high levels of security.

    Employees are now expected to be available to customers (and colleagues) wherever they’re working. To be effective today, they need to be connected not only to each other, but to business applications and information in real-time so they can quickly deal with enquiries, or collaborate on projects. This means employees now expect access to devices and real-time collaboration tools that allow them to be flexible and access the information they need, exactly when they need it.

    Having the right mobile strategy in place is crucial. Not only in terms of remote connectivity, but also in terms of providing suitable hardware to employees and ensuring they use it properly. With an Enterprise Managed Mobility solution your business can manage and maintain the way employees use mobile devices.

    Always making sure the tools, technology, processes and policies they use are up to date and allowing them to remain productive, wherever they’re working.

    Becoming a 'future ready' business

    Designed with you in mind, the new RED VIP Flagship Plans gives you up to 100GB of anytime data and unlimited minutes, so you stay connected worry-free, and focus on things that matter.