Building business resilience: reduce your utility with Smart Utilities
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19 January 2024


Building business resilience: reduce your utility with Smart Utilities

There's always more potential to cut costs and improve cash flows if you have a better view of your utility consumption.

Prices are going up everywhere, and smart businesses are making strategic cuts to keep them lean and able to do more with less. Yet, many smart businesses don't consider how their energy bills impact their budgets. That, or they assume there isn't much they can do about those costs. Consequently, companies can waste as much as 30 percent of their energy.

From small businesses to large enterprises, residential homes and estates to commercial properties and municipalities—everyone can cut costs and improve cash flows if they have a better view of their utility consumption.

But tracking energy and water is tricky and can be confusing. How much water do your operations use, and where does that water go? What about electricity? What is eating all that energy? Do you have inefficient equipment or wasteful employee habits, or are you not taking advantage of water recycling or solar panels? How would you know if it's financially prudent to get alternative energy sources or make other strategic changes?

Finding answers to these questions used to be complicated and expensive. It's no wonder most businesses take it on the chin and pay the utility bill without much thought. Now, though, they have an alternative.

Smart Utility Management is an exciting concept combining digital technology and intelligent energy habits to save money. Specifically, smart utilities combine Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, mobile applications, cloud software, and tested methods to deliver insights into energy consumption that you can use for planning and cost-savings. You don't even need to replace anything—start using data from existing sensors and add new sensors to gather data, using dashboards and reports that are easy to comprehend and explore.

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Vodacom is uniquely positioned to offer the best smart utility services. They combine their leadership in connectivity, digital software, IoT devices, and business process development to offer cost-beating and scalable utility management that deploys quickly, providing real-time information on your energy usage.

The Smart Utilities Management service is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. It offers devices fully commissioned for water and electricity, delivering real-time data through wireless connectivity and a 24/7 web portal. Strategically using IoT devices and pervasive connectivity, savvy utility users reduce their tariffs and know where their energy is going. Automate energy processes, get alerts about high consumption, and always know what your energy footprint is doing.

Vodacom's Smart Utility Management service is suited to all types and sizes of businesses, residential properties and estates, building management, and municipalities. Customers receive accurate readings, reduce energy usage, and detect leaks and faults. They can make reliable demand forecasts, monitoring their equipment and energy infrastructure to discover more cost-saving improvements.

As the world's largest IoT device supplier and a globally recognised leader in IoT software and connectivity systems, Vodacom has built a range of specific utility management choices. Stop wasting up to a third of your energy budget. Don't worry about utility bill shocks. Save on your tariffs, improve your energy usage, and help shape your business for the new year. Get smart with Smart Utility Management, installed and operated by Vodacom's experts.