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    16 March 2020

    Fatima Hassim

    Building tomorrow's network

    Real benefits of digital transformation require the right network technology in place.

    As businesses prepare for digital evolution, having the right solution and infrastructure in place becomes key. Cloud computing, big data and IOT are driving enterprises at a hurtling rate into the digital world. To avoid being left behind, businesses must assess the readiness of their Network infrastructure.  Broadband access and flexible networking are critical to drive businesses into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with technologies like Software Defined Network Services, multiple access services from MPLS, broadband internet and 4G access, core to the enterprise IT foundation. Once an industry buzzword, digital transformation is now Business as Usual and organisations must gear up. Research, in which 200 South African Multi-National corporates participated, highlighted concern around operational flexibility with  38% of the respondents already have invested in cloud computing. Another trend shows the move from physical locations and infrastructures to digital as businesses look to optimise processes. 

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    To survive in an on-demand economy, businesses must adopt agile technologies to transform customer experiences, service delivery and product development. The fact remains that these strategies depend on effective connectivity. A future-ready network is critical to accelerating digital transformation. Software-defined networking liberates the network from limitations of physical infrastructure, giving the business a flexible, scalable and secure way to leverage ongoing digital technology investments fully.

    How does SDN improve your network? 

    • Companies avoid network migration to prevent disruption. With SDN, changes are more palatable.
    • Faster provisioning, incorporating exiting in-frastructure
    • Flexible service options supported by global service centres, local billing and professional services
    • Consistent application policy management visibility across the network through centralised single portal.
    • Application-aware network – a policy-based network simple to operate, programmed to meet business outcomes
    • Securely connecting the enterprise and cloud - certified, strong encryption, offering high security
    • New levels of cost efficiency - effective path utilisation, allows higher availability of business locations in the event of link failures.
    • Cloud Connect acceleration – optimisation of enterprise and cloud services

    Good security builds trust. Not only does SDN facilitate collection and analysis of data but it provides an overview of the network so the company can identify and respond to threats far quicker. 

    Why Vodacom?

    Next-Generation Network providers need access to fibre, wireless, mobile (5G) and Inter-net capacity, which require digital enablement at their core.  These attributes come from the country’s leading telco. Our SDN overlay partners of choice: 

    • VMWare’s VeloCloud
    • Cisco Viptella
    • Cisco Meraki
    • Delivery of PAN African and International SDN solutions  across multiple industry segments (Vodafone)
    • Differentiate at service levels
    • Mesh current infrastructure with migration to SDN at the client’s pace
    • Offer single or dual links between client locations, Data Centres and Cloud provider –MPLS-like delivery and SLA’s
    • Monitoring is 24x7x365 to defined Service Levels
    • Last-mile capillarity Broadband and SDN enable Vodacom to provide an end-to-end offering, unprecedented in our market –MPLS-like robustness and quality.

    South African companies need a network technology partner that enables digital transformation. Vodacom’s SDN is designed to meet these needs by maximising network performance and security over MPLS, internet or 4G , or any combination of the three. Enhancing the user experience turns digitalisation into profit.

    - Fatima Hassim, Managing Executive: Fixed and Mobile Business, Vodacom

    Fatima Hassim