SME solutions
    25 March 2015


    Business calls

    Small companies get big business benefits with a smart virtual landline service from Vodacom One Net Express.

    When business opportunities come calling you should be able to take those calls, wherever you happen to be.

    That’s the premise behind Vodacom One Net Express. It's an advanced telephony service that gives small business users a virtual landline, a portable landline number and the ability for employees to call each other for free.

    It’s no secret that small businesses have to do more with fewer resources than larger firms. Until now, only big companies have had the support of a switchboard so that they never missed a business call.

    Vodacom One Net Express now extends the same resource and all of its benefits – like intelligent routing and a virtual receptionist – to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    It’s a combined fixed and mobile phone system that means your landline telephone numbers, cellphones and internet work together as one.

    It replaces your traditional landline telephone with a 3G desk phone that works with a SIM card and has a built-in Wi-Fi router.

    Using the system, employees are more productive, service is more responsive and costs are more controllable.

    With Vodacom One Net Express you are able to:

    • Answer calls to your landline telephone number on your cellphone if you are out of the office;
    • Get a virtual receptionist to direct your business calls to the right department across all of your phones. Auto Attendant acts like a virtual receptionist to direct your calls in a professional way. It’s a recorded voice message that answers your calls with an interactive voice prompt menu. This menu allows incoming callers to select a department or individual they would like to speak to through defined voice prompts so calls are always answered in the most business appropriate way;
    • Intelligently route calls to groups in your business so every call is answered using Hunt Groups. This means that when a call comes in, the service will 'hunt' for an available person in the group to take the call and will keep diverting the call to the next person in the group until the call is taken. You can configure the hunting sequence according to the needs of your business. Each member of the Hunt Group gets 500 free One Net minutes to call other users the company which saves money on internal calls;
    • Get a landline telephone number for your business without the need for a fixed landline. Geographic Number Allocation and Geographic Number Porting means that you can have a landline telephone number without a fixed landline. If you don’t have a landline telephone number, Vodacom will give you a Vodacom landline telephone number based on the location of your office. For example, if your office is based in Cape Town, you will be assigned an 021 number, in Joburg 011, Durban 031 and so on. If you have an existing landline telephone number, your landline telephone number can be ported to Vodacom.

    Because Vodacom One Net Express is hosted in the cloud, there’s no need to install costly infrastructure. Your office also gains the benefit of becoming a Wi-Fi zone with access for up to five devices via the supplied 3G desk phone that has a SIM card and a built-in router.

    The service is designed for small businesses with up to 99 employees and they can be office-based or on the move. You get just one consolidated bill a month which makes it easy to track and manage costs. 

    Vodacom One Net Express can also grow as your business does – adding users is quick and simple.