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    06 January 2016


    Capture moments with the Xperia M5

    With a waterproof design and incredible camera, Sony's M5 is tough yet elegant, perfect for a sports fanatic's life on the go. Buy yours through Vodacom and you could win a dream trip!

    The Sony Xperia M5 is a triumph in smartphone camera brilliance, and you won't have to worry about exposing it to the elements while you're going about your daily life or when you're travelling. And speaking of travelling, there are three incredible bonuses you'll get when you buy the Xperia M5 through Vodacom between 8 February and 6 March 2016:

    1. The gold version of the phone (seen in the pictures in the gallery below) is exclusive to Vodacom in South Africa.

    And a bonus for a phone in its range is that the Xperia M5 boasts a battery life of two days.

    2. When you buy the Sony Xperia M5 through Vodacom, you'll get a R500 Adidas voucher for free.

    3. With your purchase of the Xperia M5, you will go into a draw to win a set of double tickets to Earth's sporting paradise, the final of the UEFA Champions League in Milan on 28 May 2016! The prize includes flights, accommodation, match tickets and the opportunity to be pitchside for player warm-ups and the official line-up. When you're there, you'll get to capture memories using the amazing camera on the Xperia M5. 

    Here's why you'll get a real kick out of the camera:

    • Zoom: A super-sharp 5x Clear Image Zoom will bring you up close to your favourite players on the pitch without losing any quality, no matter where you're sitting on the stands.
    • Selfie cam: An industry first, the powerful 13MP front-facing selfie cam will allow you to take the most picture-perfect selfies, with integrated autofocus and Full HD video recording capability, so you can place yourself right in the action on game-day.
    • Video: With the ability to record video in 4K (also known as Ultra HD), the Xperia M5 will help you to preserve those incredible back-of-the-net goals and breathtaking saves.
    • Autofocus: Its 0.25 seconds Hybrid Autofocus means you'll be able to capture moments before they pass. You just press the screen until the focus changes colour and then release your finger, so you don't have to take your eyes off the game for more than a second.
    • 21.5MP: The high resolution of the Xperia M5's camera means your game-day pictures will come out looking like they've been taken with a compact digital camera, without you having to lug a camera bag to the game. 

    Other covetable features of the Xperia M5 include the fact that it is waterproof and dust-proof - if you spill some of your drink on the phone when you leap up to cheer for a goal, simply wipe it off once the dust has settled. 

    Sony's OmniBalance design brings stainless steel corners and a frame that extends a tiny bit over the screen, so it's protected against bumps and won't chip or crack if you drop it in your excitement. It's light and thin (143g and 7,6mm thin), and its bright, 5-inch, full HD display makes it perfect for reliving every moment of the game you've recorded.

    And a bonus for a phone in its range, which Sony is calling "super-mid range", is that the Xperia M5 boasts a battery life of two days. While you're travelling to and from the game, you won't have to worry about a low battery, and if you go to a couple of games back to back, you can record them both!

    As an Android phone, the Xperia M5 will bring you access to all the apps and services you've come to know and love, so you can share your match-day memories with your friends on Google Photos. Because there's nothing wrong with a little bragging!

    Buy the Sony Xperia M5 through Vodacom and you'll get a R500 Adidas voucher, plus the chance to win two tickets to the UEFA Champion's League Final in May. Check it out on Vodacom Online today »»