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    07 June 2017


    Care enough to save a life

    Have your family and your community in your heart when you give blood on Blood Donor Day.

    Have your family and your community in your heart when you give blood on Blood Donor Day. On 14 June countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day, raising awareness of the need for safe blood donation and to thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

    Although the blood you donate may be used to help strangers you'll never meet, your gift helps ensure that hospitals around SA have the blood they need to help your loved ones when they need it most. It's like taking out an insurance policy - both are important ways to show you care. 

    What you need to know

    In South Africa, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) collects and provides blood to hospitals around the country, both government and private. This is absolutely key in delivering hospital and emergency care. However, it's a constant challenge to make sure enough blood is available. 

    Some stats: 


    • Around 108 million blood donations are collected globally every year.
    • 62 countries, including SA, collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary, unpaid blood donors.
    • Once it's collected, blood is processed into three parts: plasma, which is given to patients with massive bleeding or clotting problems; red blood cells, which treats anemia and blood loss, and platelets, which are essential for patients with clotting issues. 
    • In low-income countries, up to 65% of blood transfusions are given to children under 5 years of age; whereas in high-income countries, the most frequently transfused patient group is over 65 years of age, accounting for up to 76% of all transfusions.
    • In 2015/6, just under 500 000 people donated blood to SANBS. 
    • To donate blood, go to the SANBS website to find your nearest centre.

    Show you care

    We know you have your family's welfare close to your heart, when you donate blood and when you make arrangements for the future. 

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