Connecting for Good
    22 June 2022


    Celebrating SA Youth through empowerment

    Vodacom is committed to empowering the youth of South Africa.

    While we celebrate Youth Month, many young South Africans are facing enormous challenges throughout the country. As part of Vodacom's ongoing commitment to empower South African youth, Vodacom NXT LVL is bringing the Youth offers to address their concerns.

    Get a Gig 

    We know you're ambitious, so Vodacom NXT LVL wants to help you LVL UP by seizing whatever career opportunities come your way, as well as to empower you to create your own opportunities. By simply registering for NXT LVL, you get FREE access to Get a Gig via the My Vodacom App and VodaPay.

    Once you’re registered for NXT LVL, click the Get a Gig tile to register and create a profile for yourself and search and apply for jobs in your area. Looking for a career opportunity shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’re committed to giving you a great head-start. Get a Gig is your plug to career resources for you to grow, learn and earn!

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    NXT LVL Bundles

    Vodacom is going beyond providing reliable data and connectivity. Vodacom wants to give you, our youth customers support and solutions needed to transform your lives for the better.

    NXT LVL demonstrates that through technology and the power of the youth's spirit, young South Africans can be empowered to go further together. The NXT LVL bundles are designed just for you, whether it is online gaming, studying or just streaming your favourite series, you can get the best deals on the My Vodacom App or *128#

    New and improved bundles include:

    20GB for only R49.00 (5GB + 5GB Social + 10GB Night Owl valid for 7 days) 

    15GB + 120 anytime minutes for R99.00 (5GB + 5GB Social + 5GB Night Owl valid for 7 days) 

    Register for NXT LVL now on the My Vodacom App or VodaPay to get the best value for under 25’s!