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Nelson Mandela International Day is a day to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela through offering up 67minutes of your time to show support and service to those in need. The 67minutes represent the 67 years he fought for social justice in South Africa and 18 July is his birthday. 

Volunteering 67 minutes of your time as a way to celebrate his legacy can still be done during the lockdown. We have listed some organisations across the country who need volunteers. You might not be able to physically go and volunteer, however, there are various other ways of doing your part to give back to society.

You don’t have to make the 67 minutes your limit. Be inspired by how Nelson Mandela lived a life of service to others and use that to make more time to volunteer and engage with communities in need even if it’s online.

Global Teachers Institue

This organisation helps young adults aspiring to be teachers by providing them with bursaries, internships and support. With the COVID-19 pandemic not allowing them to build a physical can mosaic in a mall as done in previous years, the can build will be hosted online and individuals and companies are invited to make a donation and place virtual cans on the mosaic from 1 to 18 July. On 18 July, the final mosaic will be revealed at an online concert headlined by SAMA 2019 nominee Jarrad Rickets.

For more information go to .

Commmunity Keepers

Use your 67 minutes to spread awareness. Community Keepers is an organisation that provides vulnerable children and youth in impoverished communities with therapeutic counselling and workshops. Psychologists Rozelle van Wyk and Jennavive Pereira will be hosting a workshop for educators where they will unpack the concept of trauma and offer practical techniques to use in the classroom. The session will be an hour long and they will share detailed notes in their presentation as well as references to further reading material in their last slide. They need caring volunteers to share this video wider. You could use your 67 minutes to watch this clip with people in your community by creating a watch party on social media to drive awareness of the organisation and inform more educators or parents about the tools to deal with trauma. 

For more information contact Community Keepers.

Chic Mamas Do Care Durban

This NPO helps to improve pre-school conditions in impoverished areas by upgrading facilities & funding ECD training for carers. They are in need of volunteers to assist with their marketing. If you would like to volunteer your skills this Mandela Day, get more information here


You might not be able to physically go and volunteer on Mandela Day, but you can show support in other ways. Cotlands is hosting a Comedy Show on Mandela Day to raise funds for its Early Childhood Development programme. We know Nelson Mandela loved children and he dedicated his time to improving their lives. To honour his legacy, the comedy show will run for 67 minutes, at 17:00pm – 18:07pm on Saturday 18 July 2020. Comedians featured on the shows line up includes: Alan Committie, Anne Hirsch, Kagiso KG Mokgadi,  Marc Lottering, Mel Jones, and Nik Rabinowitz.

To show your support buy your tickets on Quicket


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an imense strain on all medical services. For this reason, Mediclinic has appealed to volunteers, to assist within hospitals. The call is for those without clinical experience as well as those who have previously worked in the healthcare industry, but are currently not doing so. Volunteers will assist healthcare staff so that these healthcare workers are able to focus on their core roles.

Go to the Mediclinic website to read more about the volunteer programme and to find out about volunteering at a Medi-clinic near you.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa

For R67 you can compete in the virtual Quiz Night created to raise funds for the Foundation. As many may not be able to physically volunteer their time, this is agreat opportunity to show your support and perhaps you could be crowned the National quiz champion. 

For more information and to by your ticket got to



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