Brand with a purpose
    05 December 2016


    Celebrating World Volunteer Day

    In honour of World Volunteer Day on Monday, 5 December, we say 'thank you' to our Vodacom Volunteer Champions.

    At Vodacom, our purpose is to connect everybody to live a better today and build a better tomorrow.

    Our purpose is brought to life through the work of the Vodacom Foundation and our team of dedicated Vodacom Volunteer Champions.

    Technology for good

    The Vodacom Foundation works closely with communities and organisations to change lives and uplift the nation. With cutting-edge technology and a can-do attitude, the Vodacom Foundation has invested over R1 billion in various programmes that have made a considerable impact in improving education, bringing quality health care to rural areas and supporting the fight against crime and violence.

    Empowering staff to empower others

    Our work in providing funding to partners is changing lives, but these investments don’t reflect the passion of our employees. The Vodacom Volunteers programme – established in 2006 – creates opportunities within a secure environment for our employees to volunteer their goods, time, skills and cash. Each employee gets two days paid leave per year to perform volunteer activities. In July every year, Vodacom employees are encouraged to join community activities during company time, using tools and equipment provided by the Vodacom Foundation. We further support a culture of volunteering by matching funds raised by employees and offering financial support towards the purchase of equipment and tools when a Vodacom team plans volunteer activities.

    Our Volunteer Champs go the extra mile

    The volunteer efforts by our employees are spearheaded by a team of dedicated Vodacom Volunteer Champions. These individuals go the extra mile to encourage and mobilise our employees across the country in each of our regional offices to participate in volunteer activities and engage with communities. Each Champion has a ‘normal’ job description at Vodacom, but has raised their hands to take on the additional responsibility and workload of being a Champion for Change.

    Vodacom staff are committed to making a difference

    Over the past year (2015/16), Vodacom staff have contributed over R500 000 through payroll giving, and 6 000 staff members have volunteered either their time, goods, cash or skills.

    On International Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July every year, all Vodacom employees get involved in packing thousands of food parcels for learners from previously disadvantaged schools. In 2013, R3.9 million was spent on the food project, and 40 000 parcels were distributed. In 2014, a record of 6 000 employees packed 51 500 food parcels, which were distributed to learners in 92 schools identified by the Department of Education.

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