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Vodacom Now!

Remember life before fast internet? When you tell your kids about the dial-up days, they’ll probably struggle to imagine what it was like before we had video streaming, online gaming, video calling, super-fast downloads and music on demand.

High-speed internet is a gamechanger, opening doors to new information and services. Vodacom’s broadband offering is available across South Africa, with high-speed connections now reaching even the most rural parts of the country. It’s good for business and great for families who want to stay connected and entertained. 

Fixed Wireless Home Internet

You get a single connection that is linked to a single location based on the coverage map for all the desktops, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles in your home, allowing kids and parents to do their own thing, or enjoy the entertainment together as a family from your own home wifi hotspot.

Vodacom's 4G connection

This reliable technology offers uninterrupted connectivity on your tablet or smartphone, allowing you to download and upload pictures, stream videos, play games, check email and so much more, at super-fast speeds, anywhere, anytime.

Vodacom Fibre

If your area already has a Fibre connection, you’re in luck, with lightning-fast internet plus the added benefit of a voice line allowing you to have the option to connect to multiple devices at the same time. You’ll get a choice of line speeds with Vodacom’s Fibre deals, and – if the cables aren’t yet in your community – you have the option to get a free, one-month, 100GB Home Internet connection while you wait for your Fibre installation.

With Fibre you’ll also get to choose between capped or uncapped, 24-month, 12-month or month-to-month price plans. All Vodacom Fibre plans include the router, so the installation by our qualified professionals is quick and easy.

Vodacom’s Home Internet options enable you to turn your home into a wifi hotspot, with unlimited entertainment, fast connections and the very latest in safe, reliable digital technologies.

You can find out what line speed and how much data you need here. Xbox and PlayStation both recommend a minimum 3Mbps connection for online gaming, for example. For Netflix and Showmax, we suggest a 1.5Mbps connection for standard-definition viewing or 5Mbps for high-def video. If you’re streaming ultra HD videos on Netflix or YouTube, you’ll want nothing less than 15Mbps.

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