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    04 December 2016


    Code RED

    With Vodacom RED you're top of the list when it comes to customer service, in person and on the phone.

    In the face of any smartphone emergency, you’ll be relieved to be a RED customer because Vodacom has you covered, no matter what.

    When life throws you data, device or connectivity issues, sit back and relax. You’re a valued RED customer, and Vodacom will help you out in any of these situations.

    I need more data!

    As a RED customer, you'll get two extra data SIMs so you can share data across your laptops, phones, tablets and routers. All of your charges show up on one bill, and you don't have to worry about connecting all of your devices.

    In your first two months as a RED customer, you also get double your data. This is super-convenient because this is usually the time when you’ll need to set up a new device, update your software and download all the apps you need, which can use more data than usual.

    My phone is broken and I can’t get by without it!

    This doesn’t even bear thinking about – but the silver lining for this cloud is that you are a RED customer, so you’ll get the same (or a similar) phone as a replacement while yours is being sent off for repairs. You won’t miss a moment of being connected.

    I want to get good-value deals and great discounts!

    We know you want to get the most out of every day. That's why you're on a RED plan, after all! We've partnered with a range of brands to reward you even more. Choose from travel deals, sports equipment and other special offers, and check in every month to see more ways to benefit.

    I’ve got a hot new phone – now I need more new music to play on it!

    RED customers get Deezer for free for six months, so you’ll have access to the largest music library in Africa – over 35 million local and international tracks.

    I need customer service! Fast!

    What if your device is broken and you need your replacement immediately? You’re a RED customer, which means you get special treatment. In selected Vodacom shops, you can skip the queues and cut the waiting time, because customer service representatives will ask you what plan you’re on. When you say RED, you’re saying the magic word, and you’ll be directed to join a premium (much shorter) queue.

    I can’t get to a store but I need help!

    If you’re on holiday in a remote location or about to board a flight, and need to make an enquiry about your account, simply call the service desk on 082 111. As a RED customer, your call will get answered, and your query will be resolved, as soon as possible.

    You can also contact the RED Premium Customer Service Desk through the My Vodacom App. Plus, you can control your spending, manage your data and buy new bundles through the App.

    Download the My Vodacom App for iOS and Android now »