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    03 August 2022


    Connected employees are the secret to digital success

    An empowered, engaged and confident digital workforce isĀ essential for efficient, successful and innovative digital businesses.

    Though the Covid-19 pandemic hastened digitalisation, it’s not just about new technologies. It’s about creating a connected workforce that can use real-time live data from the field to be more efficient, collaborative, and satisfied at work. After an almost overnight transition to remote working, according to our research, 44% of companies expect remote working will remain after the pandemic.

    We can keep up morale by staying connected and encouraging teams to work together. An empowered, engaged and confident digital workforce will be essential for efficient, successful and innovative digital businesses. Vodacom Business in partnership with Econz Wireless is here to assist you with our Mobile Workforce solutions.

    From the office to the field, everything you need to manage your team

    Vodacom Workforce Management - Timecard GPS solution is an intuitive application that streamlines business workflow, paper and payroll processes by providing a birds-eye view of employee Time, Attendance, GPS locations as well as client engagement activities through customizable digital forms and minimizes paperwork for small to large enterprises with mobile employees.

    Minimized paperwork combined with maximized effectiveness

    Vodacom Workforce Management - Timecard GPS solution helps you to strengthen communications between dispatchers and mobile workers, improve control over field operations, and deliver services faster and more efficiently. Make decisions about your mobile operations to save time and boost productivity.

    As the digital workplace takes hold, a growing number of employees are working in a hybrid environment, and this requires a cloud-based solution to make sure everyone has access to the same information from any device, from anywhere. Flexible working is also a great way to attract, retain and motivate talented people who desire a good life/work balance.

    All on the move, from anywhere, at any time

    Whether you have field staff or sales staff working outside of the office or you are constantly on the move yourself, Vodacom Workforce Management - Timecard GPS solution will help you with:

    • Custom Digital Forms to transform paper processes for reliable real-time data capture.
    • Dynamic GPS Tracking including breadcrumb trail, kilometres travelled, stops, locations including addresses to manage employee and client engagements.
    • Accurately manage time, Overtime, Project costing, Rounding rules and Break Types with verified real-time data for accurate payroll processing.
    • Work order and project management capabilities to create and dispatch jobs to employees including customer and project notes, documents, locations, and contact information to enhance service delivery and maximize company growth.
    • Robust reporting with a wide array of over 40 exportable reports available in the AWS cloud environment.

    The benefits of mobile workforce essentials

    Automate paper-based processes and reduce costs

    Mobile forms, timesheets and orders allow you to go paperless and receive information as soon as it's entered. Increase efficiency, reduce trips into the office and improve the overall productivity of both people in the office and in the field

    Gain greater insight into business and mobile workforce activities

    Data captured on mobile devices gets time, date and location stamped, then sent to the cloud so you are better informed. Timecard GPS is a mobile application that specializes in Digital Transformation, Work Order Management, Dynamic GPS Tracking, Robust Reporting, Time and Attendance. We take care of your business operations while you take care of what is important.

    Improve customer satisfaction

    Interact with faster, automate communication, and effortlessly provide proof of service and time on site.

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