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    28 December 2021

    James Francis

    Create that perfect image

    Make your images stand out with these online tools.

    Whether you are taking a picture or creating something more elaborate, don't only focus on your camera's HDR feature or the filters in your social media app. Using some powerful free services and apps, you can create stunning images.


    You took a photo, and you want to make some minor changes to it, such as enhancing colours or removing blemishes. But the basic features on your phone or social media apps can't do it. Then grab Snapseed on Android and iOs. Snapseed is Google's free photo-editing app, and it does a lot. Best of all, there are no hidden costs or microtransactions. Just an app that will help your photos look great.


    Removing the background from an image used to be a very taxing job, requiring expensive software such as Photoshop. But this website strips away backgrounds in seconds, leaving only foreground features such as people or product shots. You can then export the new image with a transparent background that you can alter.

    Big JPG

    When you try to enlarge an image, it becomes all fuzzy and blocky. That's because the image file doesn't contain enough information to fill in the missing information as the image becomes larger. Typically, you'd have no choice but to use the smaller image. Thankfully, today we can use artificial intelligence to fill in the blanks - and that is precisely what Big JPG does. Results vary depending on the image and how much larger you want to make it. But if you need to make an image or photo a bit more high-res, this site provides a fantastic service.


    Do you want your image to have a striking pixelation filter? Maybe you require a short looping video of the image glitching, or perhaps you just want to darken things? Photomosh offers nearly 30 free effects that you can mix and match to create a radically unique image. If you don't have ideas, use the 'mosh' button to create random combinations of effects. Then download the image as a JPG or GIF for free and no watermark!



    Many image editing apps are expensive or limited in features. If you want to create more advanced designs or changes, you need powerful software such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo… or a free website like Photopea! Photopea is a fully-featured image editing application, but it runs entirely in your browser. Photopea does most of what advanced image editors offer and even supports their various file formats.


    If you want a photo or image to look striking, colour harmonies can help a lot. We all know what some colours complement each other. But there are many, many different colours and matching or contrasting them is not as simple as it could be. At least, not until someone invented Coolors. This free online site helps you choose colours by creating different combinations. Lock the colours you want and cycle through the rest until you find a nice blend. Then when you take a photo, use locations, clothing and props that match those colours to create a professional look.

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    James Francis