Our digital society
    06 June 2019


    Creating a culture of learning

    Vodacom leaders are embracing the importance of adaptability in today's quick-changing business environment.

    There is a phrase that says 'learning never ends'. This is very applicable to the modern world in which we live. Vodacom leaders are embracing the importance of adaptability in today’s quick-changing business environment. Employees from the next generation expect a workplace that will continually feed their minds and build their skills. Millennials are craving training and development opportunities to advance their skills.

    Vodafone University

    Vodafone has launched Vodafone University, which provides permanent staff with access to blended online learning. Courses related to any business unit or function within the organisation can be found on Vodafone University. If you are sitting in finance, for example, and want to learn more about cybersecurity, the online learning programmes are readily available. It's said that online learning programmes in a company can increase engagement and thus productivity in the organisation. Vodafone University is just over 18 months old and we can see that this tool has already become an integral part of the way we learn at Vodacom. Business units are seeing the value and want customised training built for their function.

    E-learning programmes are generally 25–60% shorter in duration than traditional instructor lead classes which means that our colleagues can get more learning done in a shorter amount of time, learning new skills more quickly. With the recent implementation of Agile in certain parts of the organisation, it was evident that everybody in the organisation needs to understand what Agile is. A learning path was created and pushed to all permanent Vodacom staff. This speaks to studies that showed that 72% of companies believed that the use of learning technologies such as e-learning and mobile learning helped their business adapt more quickly to change.

    Not only is Vodafone University accessible from your laptop using an internet connection but it is also available on your mobile device, allowing you to learn anywhere, anytime!

    Vodacom supports online learning through Vodafone University

    Vodacom internal bursary scheme

    Vodacom Group Ltd has an internal bursary scheme that provides financial assistance to permanent employees of the South African operating companies in the Vodacom Group of Companies to further their education. This is in line with the Group’s commitment to the development of its employees, its need for highly skilled staff, the promotion of further higher education, and the enhancement of overall performance in specialised positions.

    To facilitate the employment of talented persons with relevant educational training and skills who may have existing study obligations to their current employer, Vodacom may transfer those commitments to ensure that we employ the best.

    Vision within leadership development

    Our Vision within leadership development is to build capabilities in our leaders for them to be admired leaders. What does it mean to be an admired leader? An admired leader:

    • Creates purposeful direction and generates engagement
    • Empowers others to achieve high performance and holds themselves and others accountable for end results
    • Builds capacity through talent, diverse teams, and a lean and effective organisation
    • Demonstrates ownership mentality and behaviours

    Our leaders have the biggest impact by helping their teams and people to be at their best. Our best leadership is defined by the Digital Vodacom Way.

    All the Digital Vodacom Way behaviours are important for our leaders to be at their best. But the leadership shifts required to achieve our strategy provides a framework, meaning they multiply the effect of the remaining behaviours of customer obsession, digital telco, ambitious and competitive, and one company local roots. 

    The leadership development curriculum illustrates the different leadership levels we have within Vodacom and – based on the pipeline and the role of a Vodacom leader – we have designed a global leadership curriculum and are designing a role profile for each level. Helping our leaders to be at their best.

    Words by Lori Kasselman, Executive Head: Learning and Development