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    16 December 2019


    Data Share vs Family Share

    Did you know you can share data? Here's how.

    If you are a Red client, there are two ways you can share data: via Family Share and via Data Share. But what are they and when can you use which?

    Family Share Data Share
    Family Share allows you to send data to family and close friends who are Vodacom contract or top-up customers. You can divide data among your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) using a Data Sharing SIM card.
    You can share data with up to six other people. You can have up to four data-sharing SIM cards linked to your primary account.
    You can share anywhere from 100MB to 20GB of your recurring allocation. Any Red plan that includes 10GB or more monthly data is eligible. You can share any amount – all Data Sharing SIM cards will use the same bundle.
    There is a fee of R25 per month per person you send data to, which you pay only when you use the service. You pay R25 per month per SIM. At the end of the month, you will receive only one invoice.

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