Be Datawyze
    20 September 2018


    #Datawyze: How to save data when using the Cloud

    Here are the different ways to optimise data on your favourite cloud storage services.

    Cloud storage services, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and so on, exist to make our lives easier. There is nothing as comforting as knowing that your photos, videos, documents, music and all the other data on your smartphone are safely stored away somewhere on the cloud. However, cloud services can be a big culprit when it comes to data use. Often, your phone is set by default to backup every photo you take or receive, every message or email to the cloud, so make sure you're aware of how your phone is backing up your data to manage it effectively. 

    Sure, having an up-to-date backup is reassuring. But rest even easier by altering the following settings on your cloud storage apps to optimise data usage:

    Google Drive

    Transfering files

    • Android: Launch Google drive > Navigate to Settings (top left) > Settings > select preferred setting.
    • iOS: Launch Google drive > Navigate to Settings (top left) > Settings > Photos > make sure Auto Backup is switched ON > select preferred setting.

    How to update Google Drive on wi-fi only


    Updating Dropbox

    • Android: Launch Dropbox > Navigate to Settings (top left) > Settings > How to update > select preferred setting

    Camera Uploads

    • iOS: Launch Dropbox > Navigate to Settings (top left) when on the Recents page > Camera Uploads > select preferred setting

    Note: The Use Cellular Data setting is only available when Camera Uploads is turned ON

    Download Offline Files

    • iOS: Launch Dropbox > Navigate to Settings (top left) when on the Recents page > Offline Files > select preferred setting

    Disable Background App Refresh

    How ro disable background app refresh on Dropbox

    Samsung Cloud

    Sync Samsung Cloud

    • Navigate to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud > Settings (top right) > Settings > Sync using Wi-Fi only > select preferred setting


    Updating Files

    • Navigate to Settings > Cellular > select preferred setting. This may prevent iCloud Drive from transferring documents and data over mobile data.

    How to prevent iCloud using mobile data

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