Be Datawyze
    27 January 2015


    #Datawyze: Online learning – without the data spend

    As part of its dedication to education, Vodacom has recently zero-rated several informative websites – meaning you can access them without using your data!

    School learners today have a whole world wide web of resources that go far beyond what they could find in a library. That's if they have access to the internet, however.

    With this in mind, Vodacom is providing free access to a number of useful websites. Vodacom customers can browse the following sites on their smartphone or tablet without using any data. 

    Vodacom e-school 

    Free to everyone, this incredible collection of educational resources is zero-rated for Vodacom customers. Once learners have created their profile, they can keep track of their progress and take part in tasks and quizzes. The content is currently designed for grades 10-12, but Vodacom is keen to expand this soon. Vodacom e-school will be zero-rated indefinitely.

    Vodacom Foundation 

    The Digital Classroom is designed for teachers and educators around SA and is packed with relevant news and teaching tips. It also directs teachers to Vodacom’s Teacher Training Centres around the country and provides interesting links to other websites and resources. It will be zero-rated until the end of March 2015.

    Mindset Learn 

    Working hand in hand with its helpful TV channel (on DStv, StarSat, OpenView and Freevision, as well as YouTube), Mindset Learn provides resources for learners and educators.

    Mindset Learn focuses on grades 10-12 and covers subjects including maths, science, social science and finance. There are plenty of resources for younger learners as well. It will be zero-rated until the end of March 2015.

    Everything Maths and Science Books

    Get access to a free library of Maths and Science textbooks for grades 10-12. You can read or download the textbooks, and the websites also have more resources for teachers and students. Note that downloading books will incur you data charges. Created with the help of the Shuttleworth Foundation, Siyavula Education is the organisation behind this excellent content. It will be zero-rated until the end of March 2015.

    Although it's not zero-rated, if you have younger children it's worth checking out Thunderbolt Kids, also from Siyavula. It's packed with fun and clever resources to help learners in grades 4-6 understand, and develop a love for, science and technology.