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    27 April 2022


    Digitally connecting multiple mines in one secure place

    Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is an overlay technology that simplifies network management without sacrificing reliability or quality.

    In the mining industry, SD-WAN-equipped companies are seeing several benefits, such as improved network connectivity, security and performance, increased business agility, and lower bandwidth costs.

    Crucially, the scalable Vodacom Business SD-WAN solution streamlines operations for enterprises managing multiple mines, enabling a secure operational view of all connected mines in one place. The enhanced application performance and improved network visibility this delivers is essential for organisations managing multiple data centres, critical branch operations, and cloud environments.

    For remote-based mines, where it’s too expensive to deploy fibre or install carrier-grade multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connections to a temporary location, SD-WAN is the cost-saving solution. It offers reliable, high-quality connectivity across all sites, including those in difficult to connect, hard-to-reach locations, by making use of affordable connectivity. SD-WAN boosts efficiency by managing bandwidth availability and usage, traffic routing, and prioritisation of business-critical protocols. 

    It examines essential network traffic metrics, like latency, packet loss, jitter, and availability, using this data to respond proactively to real-time network conditions, selecting optimal paths for data packets. It’s a near-instant solution that can connect to wireless mediums like LTE/4G with a near zero-touch configuration, making it an attractive option for the mining sector’s time-bound on-site operations. As for safety, SD-WAN’s traffic-prioritisation benefits are vital, especially considering the growing number of connected Internet of Things devices within mining. When working with mission-critical systems and automated processes, a connectivity lapse could lead to revenue loss and, far worse, fatalities.

    Central device management is another drawcard, as SD-WAN enables the deployment of new branch or datacentre provisions without the costly expert labour traditionally involved with network upgrades. SD-WAN also allows a mining company’s contractors to be securely linked into the business’s core network, improving business efficiency. Unlike other solutions, Vodacom Business SD-WAN is an overlay technology that can run on top of Broadband Internet and hybrid WANs, delivering improvements and cost savings no matter the network infrastructure already in place. Companies can link to multiple providers and let their software decide which is the fastest, most efficient link to perform specific tasks.

    Change is here and, with it, new challenges and opportunities arise

    How the mining industry chooses to move forward will determine their relevance and longevity in a world driven by technology. Vodacom Business is dedicated to helping the industry digitally transform for future-proofed success.

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