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    14 December 2018

    Drew Hook

    DJI Tello Drone: See the world from the sky

    Take to the skies with the DJI Tello Drone, on select deals from Vodacom.

    Whether you’re at a park, in the office, or hanging out at home, you can always take off and experience the world from an exciting new perspective with the DJI Tello Drone. The drone comes with two antennas that make video transmission extra stable and a high-capacity battery that offers impressively long flight times. Tello’s lightweight and durable design combined with software and hardware protectors make it easy to fly with confidence.


    New to Drones? No problem! Flying the Tello Drone couldn’t be easier. The Drone comes with these easy to use features to get you flying straight out of the box.

    • Tello App – Getting started is extra easy with the Tello app’s friendly UI.
    • DJI Flight Tech – Industry-leading components to ensure stable flights.
    • Controller Compatibility – Precise control for unforgettable experiences.
    • Smartphone VR Headset Compatibility – Fly with a breathtaking first-person view

    Endless entertainment

    Thanks to all the tech that Tello’s packing, like a flight controller powered by DJI, you can perform awesome tricks with just a tap on the screen. Flying has never been this easy and fun. The Tello Drone is equipped with a high-quality image processor for incredible photos and videos. Recording pro-level, shareworthy videos is a cinch with the video capture features.

    Get a DJI Tello Drone from Vodacom when you purchase the Huawei Y5 on contract.


    Drew Hook