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    12 August 2020


    Empowering local communities through technology

    Thanks to our experience, knowledge and insights found throughout Vodacom Business, we are able to offer our customers a degree of expertise that is unmatched within the industry.

    Thanks to our experience, knowledge and insights, Vodacom Business has been able to offer our customers an unparalleled degree of expertise, products and services throughout wireless communication technology. Chief among these are the services we’ve provided across various governmental agencies in South Africa to help local communities stay connected.

    Our innovative business solutions are aimed at driving the economy through:

    • Effective use of technology that allows improved information flow and data gathering
    • Investment in real-time engagement by government versus simply talking about developing solutions to meet citizens’ needs.

    This requires a partner with an in-depth understanding of the industry that’s able to provide tailored solutions to meet needs. With this in mind I’d like to highlight some of our recent successes in assisting local government to connect with communities across South Africa.

    Citizen Engagement Platform

    The Vodacom Business Citizen Engagement Platform, launched on the Thetha Nathi Citizenship platform for OR Tambo District Municipality, allows local residents to track government performance through a secure mobile application by reporting service issues, such as water or sanitation, and monitoring their resolution in real time. OR Tambo is the first municipality to launch the solution, which is now available for use. By implementing the Thetha Nathi platform, officials have made themselves more accessible to their electorate and their processes more transparent – essentially bringing government services closer to the people. The app allows residents of the municipality to trace the progress of their report from start to finish, and they’re also expected to provide input via the platform on whether the matter was resolved to their satisfaction or not.

    Because the app closes the loop on communications between government and the citizenry, it has great potential to reduce dissatisfaction and dispel perceptions that government doesn’t listen to citizens when they alert their local officials to problems or concerns in their towns.

    MySAPS Crime Prevention App

    Crime is an issue that affects every South African. With that in mind Vodacom Business partnered with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to launch a new crime-fighting app, in partnership with Vodacom. The MySAPS app aims to help South Africans contribute to their own safety as well as support national police efforts across the country by bringing communities into closer contact with their local police stations.

    The app allows users to:

    • Provide tip-offs by submitting information anonymously through the app
    • Find police stations and facilities, allowing users to locate the nearest police station or vulnerable services facility
    • Send emergency alerts and emergency messages in case of danger
    • View a directory of police stations and nearby social service facilities when they register on the platform and create a profile.

    Connected Education and Virtual Classrooms

    As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. Connected Education from Vodacom Business aims to digitally transform education in South Africa, by enabling virtual learning through:

    • Virtual classrooms
    • Connectivity
    • Development.

    Connected digital education is about connecting learners, educators and institutions through accessible data, preferred affordable rates and additional benefits to keep learners and schools ‘always switched on’.

    We’re making connectivity and ‘school as usual’ possible for more students, educators and schools – bridging the affordability gap and giving more access to those who really need it. We’re also providing them with more of the things they’re interested in, more opportunities to engage, to share their personal worlds and increase their knowledge through communication.

    Vodacom Business

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    - Dinah Kheswa: Public Sector EHOD: National Accounts, Vodacom Business