30 April 2019

    Drew Hook

    Enhance your smart home with Vodacom Fibre

    The smart home potential is huge, providing residents with advanced services for managing home automation, security and a wide variety of appliances from any device.

    The potential within the smart home is huge, providing residents with advanced services and intelligence for managing home automation, security and a wide variety of appliances from any device. The applications and usage possibilities are endless. Smart appliances such as intelligent washing machines can notify the owner when they need to buy more detergent, and smart refrigerators can provide recipe suggestions based on the food inside. Smart thermostats can use sensors to monitor local weather conditions and adjust automatically in response to changes in temperature, bringing the dual benefit of improving energy efficiency and saving money.

    Home value

    As digital technologies and internet connectivity get better, we’ve come to expect quick load times and smooth video playback all the time, especially at home. And that's why installing fibre is about more than a stable internet connection – it can also mean more hard cash in your pocket when you sell. Home buyers today are looking for more than just a generous space. They're looking for a home that enables the latest technology, from smart home tech to virtual assistants and streaming capabilities.

    More and more people are also working remotely or operating startups from their property, which makes fast internet at home vital.


    When it comes to entertainment, fibre is a must. If you have a smart TV, you know the pleasures of streaming  Netflix and Showmax shows straight to your TV (and the convenience of adding the latter to your Vodacom Fibre account!). If you don’t own a smart TV the easiest way to give it some smarts is with Google’s Chromecast device. Plug it into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, connect it to your home’s wifi and stream shows like a pro.

    If you (or a family member) are into gaming, then you'll know the importance of a high-speed internet connection as well. You can also do some other cool things such as checking the weather, solving your children’s math problems or playing tunes.

    Benefits of Vodacom Fibre

    Vodacom Fibre gives you instant, super-fast and uninterrupted connectivity that will redefine the way you live, work and play. Isn't it time you got connected with South Africa's best Fibre network?

    • Ultra-fast internet. With line speeds of up to 100Mbps, you can stream movies, play games and get all your work done at super-fast speed
    • Add a voice line to your Fibre package, to make and receive calls at unbelievable rates.
    • Connect all your smart home devices.
    • Increase the value of your home. With Fibre installed, your home is instantly worth more.

    Get super-fast Internet at your home with fibre deals from Vodacom South Africa



    Drew Hook