04 July 2019


    Enjoy your connected life with V by Vodacom

    If you haven’t already bought into the hype of the Internet of Things (IoT), it may be time to do so. Get started with Vodacom’s range of smart devices.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world and it’s estimated that 31 billion devices will be connected to it by 2020. Already, wearable technology, smart homes, personal trackers and healthcare solutions are becoming mainstream. So if you haven’t yet bought into the hype, it may be time to do so.

    V by Vodacom range

    V by Vodacom’s smart devices help you keep track of the things you love, providing peace of mind no matter where you are.

    • The V-Home Safety Starter Kit is a starting point for those looking for home automation and security. It comes with a smart hub, smart camera, siren and multi-purpose sensor.
    • Nothing ruins a holiday like arriving at your destination without your luggage. This is where the V-Bag Tracker comes in handy. Clip it on or put it in your bag and you’ll easily be able to find it should it go missing.
    • The V-Kids Watch means you no longer have to worry about your children’s whereabouts, so they can go on with their lives while you go on with yours. And if there’s ever any concern, they can send an alert to your smartphone with the SOS button on the watch.

    V Kids Watch

    Stay connected 24/7

    Vodacom also offers the V-Sim and the V by Vodacom App to ensure you’re always connected. 

    The V-Sim connects a compatible device to the Vodacom network, so you can use it even without Bluetooth or wifi while the app allows you to manage your subscription from your smartphone.

    You can find out more about Vodacom’s V range here, plus keep an eye on the Vodacom now! blog for details, reviews and more about the individual products.