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As autumn weather settles in and people stay home for lockdown, a great way to pass the time is to snuggle up and stream a good film or TV series. Vodacom VideoPlay’s Prime Time additions will give you plenty of options to choose from. 

What is Prime Time and how do you subscribe

Prime Time is a Video Play rewards based package exclusively provisioned to Vodacom subscribers. The Video Play Prime Time package offers successfully provisioned users access to stream free videos between the hours of 5am and 4pm every day, for two hours. The data needed for streaming Prime Time content on Video Play is zero-rated for Vodacom mobile subscribers using the Vodacom mobile network.

There are two ways that you can qualify for access to Prime Time on Video Play:

1.Purchase a 1, 7 or 30 Day WhatsApp bundle.
Consumers who purchase a 1, 7 or 30 day WhatsApp bundle via Vodacom approve channels, will automatically qualify for Prime Time for 30 days. Vodacom channels include: 
  • Dial *123*43# or,
  • Dial *135#, option 2 (buy) and them option 5 (WhatsApp bundle)
  • My Vodacom App
2.Opt-In for Data refill
Vodacom customers who opt-in for data refill will automatically qualify for Prime Time. They will have access to Prime Time for the period that they are opted in to Data refill. Once you opt-out of the data refill, your PRIME TIME access will be cancelled.
Here’s a look at a few of the new titles you can enjoy on Prime.


Gone Baby Gone

When four-year-old Amanda goes missing, her aunt Beatrice hires detectives Angie and Patrick to trace her. However, the duo face paedophiles, gangs and drug deals during their search operations.

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights

In 1958, Katey and her parents begin a new life in Havana, Cuba, where she meets and falls in love with Javier. However, their lives are set to change forever due to an oncoming revolution.

My Baby's Daddy

When bachelors and childhood friends G, Dominic and Lonnie learn that their girlfriends have got pregnant at the same time, they find it hard to raise their children and keep their partners happy.


Young socialite Emma Woodhouse loves nothing more than acting as a matchmaker and uniting other men and women. But everything begins to go wrong when she tries to find the perfect man for her latest project, Harriet Smith.

Since you've been gone

It's Doctor Kevin MacEldowney's high school reunion, but he's reluctant to attend in case he comes face-to-face with the man who used to bully him. After being persuaded to attend the event by his friends, Kevin realises that everyone is as messed up and confused as he is.



When lawyer and former first daughter Hayes Morrison is faced with the choice of taking a job with her nemesis, New York District Attorney Conner Wallace, or going to jail for cocaine possession -- hurting her mother's Senate campaign in the process -- the choice is easy. As part of the new Conviction Integrity Unit, Hayes gets the opportunity to put her intelligence to good use by helping overturn court decisions in cases where there is credible suspicion of a wrongful conviction.

Berlin station

Transitioning from his job as a CIA analyst in the U.S., cerebral officer Daniel Miller's new mission puts him undercover at the agency's Berlin branch, tasked with sorting out messy cases involving damaging leaks, whistle-blowers, terrorism and more. Mentored by jaded veteran officer Hector DeJean, Daniel learns the disorderly world of fieldwork means dealing with deception, danger and moral compromises.

Wolf Creek

An American family's Australian vacation takes a tragic turn when sadistic serial killer Mick Taylor targets the tourists. College student Eve is the lone survivor after Taylor attacks the family in the Outback. Determined to avenge the deaths of her parents and younger brother, Eve sets out to hunt down their killer.

Find more on Video Play

The movies and series we’ve listed here are just a few of the new additions on Video Play. You can find more content on the service, from hit movies and series to music videos and documentaries.


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