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    24 December 2019

    Megan Ellis

    ER for your phone

    Here are some common summer holiday scenarios that may place your phone in danger and what you should do if your device lands up in trouble.

    Nothing puts a damper on your summer fun like accidents and mishaps. If you’re far from home or shops have closed for the holidays, getting help with a broken device becomes a major headache. So what can you do if something happens to your phone?

    What to do if your phone gets wet

    Did you accidentally jump into a pool with your phone in your pocket? Or maybe you dropped it in the toilet? (The latter is more common than you think!)

    The first thing you should do if a non-waterproof phone gets wet is to switch it off. Water causes your device hardware to short circuit and trying to switch it on while it’s still wet can cause permanent damage.

    Once your device is switched off, take off any removable covers and parts and put it in a bowl or bag of dry rice. You should make sure the device is completely covered. The rice will absorb moisture from your device. After several hours, switch your phone on again and check if it’s working.

    Do not attempt to use a hairdryer or other sources of heat to dry your phone, since the heat can end up causing more damage.

    Prevent overheating mishaps

    Heat is extremely bad for your phone and its battery. Overheating also affects performance and the ability to run apps.

    If you leave your phone in direct sunlight or inside a hot car, overheating becomes much more likely. Rather leave it in a cooler part of your vehicle and away from direct sunlight. Do not leave your phone charging or running intense apps for long periods on very hot days either. And make sure to not leave your phone on top of other electronic devices that generate heat, such as laptops. 

    If your phone is overheating, switch it off and let it cool off in a shaded area.

    What to do about a broken screen

    You can’t do much about a completely broken phone screen other than getting it repaired. However, you can prepare for any mishaps by installing a screen mirroring app, such as AirMirror, to access your phone if its screen breaks. These apps allow you to control your phone via your PC so that you can still check messages on your phone. 

    You should also make sure to back up your phone’s data and settings to the cloud so that if it breaks, you don’t have to worry about losing your files. Apps such as Google Photos and Google Drive can help you do this.

    Having the right insurance plan can help you get the support you need in case you break your phone. Find out more about Vodacom’s insurance plans on the Vodacom Device Insurance website.

    Header photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash

    Megan Ellis