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Whether you are going to the South African coast, backpacking in Thailand or skiing in the alps for the December holidays, you can get more from your smartphone if you ensure that it’s travel-ready. Here are some accessories to pack for your trip:

Power bank 

You’ll make ample use of battery-draining smartphone apps and functions like maps, social media, and the camera while on holiday. Buy a power bank or two so that you can charge your phone up even when you’re not near a plug point. Travelling abroad? Make sure that you have also packed a universal travel adapter so that you can easily charge your devices from the power points at your destination.

Selfie stick

As much as some people love to mock selfie sticks, they’re handy accessories for travellers who want to record their holidays and share them with the world. They’re fun, affordable and won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Dry pouch

Spending a lot of time on boats, fishing, next to the pool or by the seaside over the holidays? A waterproof case or pouch can keep your smartphone safe and dry in wet weather and environments. Some waterproof cases are transparent so that you can take pics or check your messages without removing the device from its protective cover. 

Cheap earbuds

 Leave your premium headphones at home and buy a cheaper, lighter set of earbuds to enjoy the media on your smartphone while you’re away. That way you won’t be too upset if they get lost or broken on your travels. Oh, and be sure to download some music and movies for your trip while you have access to a Wi-Fi network, especially if you’re travelling abroad or going to a remote area with patchy coverage. 

Mini tripod and remote

A mini-tripod with a remote control is a handy companion for the traveller who wants to take smartphone snaps without camera shake or perhaps pictures of him/herself without the fuss of asking a stranger for help. Simply adjust the legs to get the right angle and take the perfect shot with no hassle.

Clip-on smartphone lens

If you’re serious about smartphone photography, you can get more from your device’s camera with clip-on smartphone lenses. You can get wide angle lenses for great landscape shots, zoom lenses to bring you closer to a subject like that distant zebra, and macro lenses for clear close-ups of small subjects like plant details or insects.

Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Liven up your pool party or hotel room by bringing your own beats.

Get phone insurance

Okay, you’re ready to go. But don’t take another step without making sure one of your biggest assets is insured. Vodacom will insure your device from as little as R20 per month, and covers you against accidental damage, theft or loss. Go to the Vodacom website to find out more.

Note that in order to claim, your phone's Vodacom SIM needs to have been in the device when it was lost, stolen or damaged, and, if overseas, roaming must have been activated.

Vodacom Device Insurance is available to Prepaid customers within seven days of purchase, while Contract customers can insure their devices within 30 days of purchase.

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