07 June 2022


    Faster Internet Speed, Reliable Connectivity And More: Why 4G And 5G Are So Much Better

    Increase your internet speed on your phone by using the settings on your phone to switch to 4G today, or even better, upgrade to 5G which gives you faster internet speed and a far superior online experience. Here’s why you’ll never look back.

    That old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is true for many things – but internet connectivity is not one of them. Your old 3G-enabled phone may still be in good nick, but if you haven't activated 4G on your phone, or gotten a phone that can access the 5G networks, you may be putting up with all kinds of annoying inconveniences – like slow internet speed and patchy connectivity. Here are some of the advantages of making the switch to 4G or 5G.

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    No More Waiting For Social Media To Refresh    

    In case you were wondering, the “G” in 3G, 4G and 5G is short for “generation”. And each generation is designed to suit the way people are using the internet at the time that it comes out – and in the foreseeable future. 3G launched in 2001. Back then, social media didn’t even exist yet – Facebook only launched in 2004 and we wouldn’t see Instagram until 2010. So the network technology at the time wasn’t designed to support billions of people uploading pictures online. Elder millennials may recall the huge hassle of having to resize your images for early Facebook because the internet speed couldn’t handle big files (and by big, we’re talking 1MB. Yikes). By the time 4G came out in 2009, network developers knew they had to up their speed game.

    Buh-Bye Buffering Videos

    Another thing that was not a big deal back when 3G came out? Video content. Hardly anyone was streaming videos online, let alone uploading them. And if you did try to watch something, remember dragging the little slider at the bottom to the end and then going to make lunch while you waited for the video to buffer? With 4G and 5G internet speed, you can stream movies and even live sports matches in real-time without interruptions. 

    Undiluted Connectivity

    With older generation networks, too many people in one area – say, at a music concert, sports match or start of a race – means slow internet speed because the network can’t handle so many devices trying to connect in one place. Thanks to greater bandwidth, 5G has been designed to eliminate this issue, allowing many more devices to connect without sacrificing speed.

    High-Speed Gaming

    In 2001, gaming with your friends meant getting together IRL and networking your computers with cables. (I know. How did we live like that?) With 4G and 5G internet speed, you can join the massive online gaming community and play against people all around the world – while simultaneously streaming to Twitch.

    Connect Multiple Devices

    Earlier generation networks were designed for phones. 5G, specifically, is designed to work equally well with any connective device – the connection will vary depending on the requirements of the device, making sure everything from smartwatches to smart appliances to factory machines enjoys fast internet speed. This may or may not affect your life right now – but with the number of connected IoT (internet of things) devices expected to reach 14.4 billion by the end of 2022, it’s probably going to be a big deal for you pretty soon!

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