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Vodacom Now!

Streaming, learning, even running your appliances - the internet is an essential part of your home. And to make all of those things easier and faster, you need fibre broadband from Vodacom.

Many of us can remember when connecting to the internet at home meant disconnecting the phone and listening to the catchy dial-up ring tone. Then waiting and watching while your emails downloaded, or you hung around for access to your MySpace account. We've moved on since then - thank goodness! 

Access to the internet is no longer a 'nice to have' - it helps your kids with their schoolwork, it connects you to work, the news and a million hilarious and informative videos, and it's often your primary source of entertainment (if you haven't signed up to Showmax yet, check it out here.) That means you need internet that's fast and reliable. 

Live in a Vodacom-connected home 

Fibre is the future. Instant, super-fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity, at your fingertips, in your home. Fibre enables you to take advantage of new technologies that promise to transform mundane aspects of our lives - for example, Internet of Things-enabled appliances like smart TVs through which you can stream Showmax, and virtual assistants that can answer your questions and even order groceries at your command. 

Fibre also allows you to access the world: to talk for less by taking advantage of voice-over-IP technology (like Vodacom Fibre Talk), and to finally put that hifi, DVD player and iPod on Gumtree. 

Having a fibre connection also increases the value of your home, as many prospective buyers are looking for access to uninterrupted connectivity.

How does fibre work?

Fibre-To-The-Home Broadband is so much faster because instead of relying on the old copper cable network that your telephone works on, it transmits information coded in a beam of light down glass (fibre optic) cables. The new fibre optic network is future-proof, as its capacity can be increased as technology improves.

Of course, this means that new cables need to be laid - a lengthy and costly process. That's why the fibre has not yet been rolled-out everywhere in SA. Check whether your area is connected here. Prices from R449 per month. 

Connected with Vodacom

You're already connected on SA's Best Network, so why not expect the same great service and convenience from Vodacom's fibre offering. 

There is a variety of deals to choose from, depending on the speed you need, and the amount of data you think you'll use each month. The gold standard is, of course, uncapped fibre for unlimited surfing and streaming. If you do need to check your balance, however, you can do it simply online here. You can also solve queries and get help online - no need to call or stand in a queue. 

Choose from month-to-month, 12-month or 24-month contracts - you choose how long you'd like to commit to the service. Depending on your connectivity needs, Vodacom Fibre has a plan to suit everyone.

Get more information 

To find out more about Vodacom's Fibre offering, click here to go to, or contact our customer care line on 082 1904 for further assistance.

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