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    22 November 2017


    Find a Vodacom shop near you

    Do you need to find a Vodacom store in a hurry? Use the My Vodacom App to find a store near you.

    If you need to find a Vodacom store in a hurry, use the My Vodacom app to get contact details and directions to a store near you. The app provides phone numbers, email addresses and physical locations of every Vodacom store in South Africa.

    How it works

    • Get the My Vodacom App (iOS or Android)
    • Open the app, then click on the menu in the top left corner.
    • Click on Help > Outlets.
    • Search for your city, suburb or store name. If you have given the app permission to access your location, the closest stores to your current location will be shown.
    • Select the store that you would like to visit or contact.
    • Click on the button to email or call the store, or view a map of the store’s location on your phone’s built-in maps app.

    Get the My Vodacom App