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Are you a financial services expert stuck in a professional rut? Do you want to flex your creative muscle and bring innovative ideas to life? Are you looking for an employer who understands the importance of work-life balance?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Vodacom’s innovative and fast-paced Financial Services division might have the perfect opportunity for you. 

With more than 17 million customers, Vodacom Financial Services is gearing up to make a significant impact in the South African financial services industry. We’re looking for motivated, creative and innovative professionals to join us on a journey to reshape the financial services industry.

5 reasons you should consider Vodacom Financial Services

Vodacom understand that a healthy and productive life is all about balance. That’s why we offer our employees a multitude of benefits to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

1. Competitive salaries and impressive benefits 

To ensure that we attract the best talent, we pride ourselves on being able to structure your competitive salary according to your individual needs. We believe in rewarding our employees for their expertise and contributions. 

2. Take advantage of our career development opportunities 

At Vodacom, we want to see you reach your full potential in your career. We offer you innovative technology and tools to monitor your progression. Now you can take advantage of our career development opportunities, mentorship and performance coaching to build on your personal strengths and reach your full potential. 

3. We take care of you and your growing family 

When it comes to maternity benefits, you’re spoiled for choice. You can choose between six months of fully paid maternity leave or 16 weeks (four months) fully paid maternity leave with the option of working only 30 hours per week for six months after returning to the workplace. In addition:

  • Vodacom Financial Services offers non-birthing partners four months leave when your partner has a baby.
  • Our ReConnect programme offers women who have taken a long career break (whether due to raising children or any other reason) mentorship, training and support upon their return to the workplace.

4. Prestigious awards to keep you motivated and inspired 

Recognition for exceptional work not only keeps you inspired, but it also gives you bragging rights for being an exceptional performer. At Vodacom Financial Services, you could be nominated for the following awards: 

  • Vodafone Customer Experience Heroes Awards

Recognises employees who immerse themselves in customer experience and delivers exceptional service to all our customers. 

  • Vodafone Stars

Acknowledges exemplary individual performance in your day-to-day tasks. 

  • The CEO Award 

Is rewarded to you if you have gone above and beyond your day-to-day tasks and made a significant impact throughout the year. 

5. We encourage your special interests

We know that you’re more than just a worker. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues. Whether you’re into fitness or sport, baking or music, you can join one of our special interest groups and give your hobbies the attention it deserves. 


Apply at Vodacom Financial Services today

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you believe that you have what it takes to join our dynamic, rapidly growing financial services organisation, we’d like you to upload your CV onto our job portal. Click here to apply for a job at Vodacom Financial Services today.

We’re really excited to receive your application and would like to give you the best chance at success. Click here for tips on how to land your dream job.

Header photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

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