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Exclusive to Vodacom, sign up for Deezer Daily or Deezer Weekly. You'll get access to over 44 million tracks to get the party started!

Gone are the days of toting your boom box around over your shoulder, Vanilla Ice style. Now, all the music you could ever want to listen to (even Ice Ice Baby) fits in your pocket. Whether you need some pumping tunes to keep you going at the gym, or a slow jam for a quiet evening in, you’ll never be without the exact tunes you feel like listening to. From top 40 hits to amazing local artists, to unsigned bands you've never heard of, Deezer really does have it all. 

Discover a world of music

With Deezer, you can create your own playlists, or allow Deezer to find music it thinks you’ll love, based on what you normally choose. (That’s called Flow.) You can also listen to other people’s playlists, and discover your next favourite band. There are over 100 million playlists to choose from, so you'll never run out of options. 

Although you can access Deezer for free, with frequent ad breaks, the real fun starts with Deezer Premium+. Not only can you access the full library of music, with no ad breaks, you can download tracks to listen to while offline.

Usually, a subscription to Deezer Premium+ costs R59.99 per month. As a Vodacom customer, however, you’re eligible for amazing Deezer offers.

Deezer Daily and Deezer Weekly

Want to make sure your next party is pumped? Then subscribe to Deezer Daily - it’s just R5 per day. At three minutes per song, you could potentially listen to 480 songs in 24 sleepless hours - that’s less than a cent a song!

If you just can’t stop listening, subscribe to Deezer Weekly. For R25 per week, it’s the best value way to keep rocking all week long. Both these offers are a first for South Africa, and are exclusive to Vodacom customers.

More offers from Vodacom

For RED Customers: Get Deezer Premium+ for six months FREE. Available for new and upgrading customers.

For NXT LVL Customers: Get Deezer Freemium* when you register for NXT LVL. Dial *135*128# to register for NXT LVL. Upgrade to Deezer Premium+ at the discounted rate of R29.99. 

How to subscribe

To subscribe, download the Deezer App for Apple or Android phones. Sign up, and follow the Vodacom prompts.

Get help

Have questions about using Deezer as a Vodacom customer? All the FAQs you need are here, including a useful video that shows you exactly how to set up your Deezer Mobile account.

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