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The world of work is changing - in a few years, many of us will be in careers that don't even exist today. So how do you know what career you should be targetting, and how to get there? 

To help you achieve your ambitions, Vodacom has created the FutureJobsFinder, a super-cool portal that tests aspects of your skills and interests and recommends the perfect digital job for you. 

What's more, FutureJobsFinder will even help you achieve your ambitions, by recommending free online training courses to upskill you to the necessary levels. And when you're ready to find a job, the portal will also help you create a CV that will get you noticed. 

With FutureJobsFinder, we can't wait to find out #WhatWillYouBeSA?

Take your career to the NXT LVL 

Go to the Vodacom NXT LVL website to find out more about FutureJobsFinder, and about all the benefits of joining the NXT LVL Squad, including exclusive deals on data bundles, dope rewards and lit deals on the latest tech. 

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