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I've lost count of the number of times I've had to ask my husband to call my phone because I can't remember if I left it in the car, at work or precariously balanced on the edge of a random shelf.

Now, if you're an Android user, you don't have to rely on your significant other to help you find your phone. Just Google it.

Here's how to find your Android phone with Google

Make sure you're signed into your Google account on your computer, go to Google and search 'find my phone'. 

A map will pop up in the search results and you'll have to sign-in to your Google account. Google will then find your phone's current location, accurate up to 24 metres. 

Click ring and Google will call your phone – at full ring volume.

You can also view a list of all the Android devices you have that are connected to your Google account.

This is a very nifty feature for Android users and I know I'll be using it the next time I've left my phone somewhere strange.

What if your phone is stolen?

If your Android phone is stolen and you have no hope of getting it back, using the 'find my phone' function also directs you to Android Device Manager. Here, you can remotely lock your phone or erase all the data from your phone.

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