Brand with a purpose
    08 August 2017


    Future healthcare now

    Vodacom’s innovative solutions improve the delivery of healthcare to those who need it most.

    As a technology company, Vodacom is in the business of looking into the future. And Vodacom is much more than just a mobile provider that connects your cellphone - they also help deliver innovative solutions that help to change the world. One area where the most impact has been made is healthcare. Along with its partners, Vodacom has developed healthcare solutions that improve the delivery of medical services to those who need it most. 

    Vodacom’s mHealth initiative puts healthcare in anyone’s pocket. It combines the pervasiveness of mobile devices and apps with the expansive coverage of Vodacom’s network. The result is affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

    What is mHealth?

    mHealth is a healthcare management system that uses the latest mobile tech to provide cost-effective, innovative and managed end-to-end healthcare - whether home-based, community-based or corporate. By simplifying processes, mHealth empowers patients and providers.

    Innovations include hearScreen, the next-generation screening test for hearing problems, as well as apps and devices to monitor vital signs. This includes SensiCardiac and a first-of‐its-kind pregnancy monitoring device, called Sense4Baby, which is used to monitor the health of women with high‐risk pregnancies. The device can be used at home or shared by remote clinics, thereby reducing the requirement for clinic visits several times a week.

    Stock Visibility

    Vodacom’s Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) allows primary health clinics to report on stock on hand in real time. Based on data reported by the clinics, SVS provides summarised reports via SMS and email to sub-district, district and provincial management teams. Visibility of stock-on-hand data allows pharmacy supply chain managers to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the distribution of stock, which in turn increases access to quality medicine.

    Maternal Health Care: Shandukani Centre

    The Shandukani Maternal and Child Health Centre in Hillbrow, one of the largest non-hospital-based clinics in South Africa, provides healthcare and treatment to vulnerable women and children. The Vodacom Foundation granted this project R14 million to develop the centre.

    Shandukani offers excellent care to vulnerable women and children for sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids. The centre also offers a world-class maternity ward.

    Mum and Baby

    Mum and Baby, powered by Vodacom Siyakha, offers free information and advice to over one million South African mothers and carers. From the first stages of pregnancy to caring for toddlers and kids, Mum and Baby is there to offer stage-based support and advice. You don't have to be a mum to love Mum and Baby - anyone who cares for a child will love the videos and info available on the mobisite and via SMS.

    You can sign up for Mum and Baby via the mobisite. The site is zero-rated, which means it won't cost any data to access.