Goodbye plastic, hello full metal body – that’s the headline around the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy A series. But there’s more to these good-looking mid-level smartphones. While specs are average (just 1.2GHz quadcore processors for the Galaxy A3 and A5, and 1GB and 2GB of RAM respectively), the A series boasts a couple of standout features that give you your money’s worth.

    Smile and snap

    The first is the 5MP front-facing camera, with wide-angle function. No longer do you have to put up with grainy selfies. The A3 has an 8MP camera at the back, and the A5 a 13MP version. Both offer a variety of modes.

    The A series is also skinny where it counts. The A3 is just 6.7mm thick and the A5 measures just 6.9mm – the slimmest Galaxy models that Samsung has put on the shelf. The A3 has a 4.5-inch screen, while the A5 comes in at 15 inches. Both phones comes in black, white or gold.

    Power to the people


    While the chip isn’t great, battery life is fair. The A3 has a pretty good 1 900mAh, and the A5 packs 2 300mAh, which should keep you going all day. 

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