22 January 2021

    James Francis

    Get fit with Youtube

    These channels will get you feeling better in 2021.

    New year, new you? Maybe, maybe not. We can soon start making jokes about failed New Year’s resolutions. But in truth it’s an excellent time to start something new, such as trying to be a bit healthier. Let’s face it – we're not all going to become chiselled models. But our often hectic, fast-paced and overloaded lifestyles demand a bit of TLC for mind and body.

    Not everyone wants to go to a gym or can afford the luxury. Fortunately, YouTube is overflowing with exercise channels and training experts. Not all of them are hardcore and many will work for the average person. So, here are five YouTube channels to help you kickstart a journey to better fitness and health.

    Yoga with Kassandra

    No, yoga isn't just stretching. It’s an excellent way to get your blood flowing, exercise your heart, and get to know your body. Yoga can be hard to get into or become boring very quickly. Not on this channel. Boasting over a million followers, Kassandra’s videos range from short and simple to long and challenging. But the real winner is her Morning Yoga Movement videos. These are 10-minute videos, designed to be used over a month. Just 10 minutes a day to learn and enjoy yoga – well worth it!

    The Fitness Marshall

    Some people love cardio. But for the rest of us, it’s a terrible chore that makes us feel like exhausted, sweating losers. That’s because most cardio isn't fun. It’s dull, repetitive and feels like a punishment. You could do aerobics, but that may be a bit too ’80s. So, how about dancing? The Fitness Marshall is a popular channel that takes pop hits and creates short dance routines around them that are actually cardio workouts. There’s no way you’ll get the moves right the first time, but that’s not the point, which is to move and have fun. And if your spirits are low, Caleb Marshall’s upbeat chants and shouts will always make you smile.


    If you’re a beginner aiming to take things to the next level over time, then THENX is the channel for you. Fitness instructor Chris Heria knows his stuff and provides a wide variety of exercises based on what you want to achieve. Want to start doing pull-ups? He has starter and advanced courses. Want to take up strength training with resistance bands? Chris has you covered. Cardio, strength, calisthenics, technique – it's all here, presented in Chris’ easy-going style.


    Calisthenics focuses on training major muscle groups, usually through exercises that either use the bodyweight only, or minimal equipment. So, if you’ve ever wanted to do handstands and pull-ups, this is the place to start. It’s a great form of exercise, but it’s also technical and requires good instruction. Look no further than Calisthenicmovement. This channel provides a selection of exercise videos that take you through the techniques, compare various calisthenic styles, explain different equipment, and much more. You can also buy many different modules if you’re looking for focused programmes. With 3 million+ subscribers, this is one of the best places to start learning calisthenics.

    Fitness Blender

    Fitness Blender has something for everyone: from gentle morning exercises to brutal HIIT (high-intensity interval training) regimes. What makes this channel particularly great, apart from its variety, are the hosts – married couple Daniel and Kelli. Their 600+ videos show every step of the exercise routines, often with visual timers. So, you don't stand around waiting for them to stop talking. You start a video and exercise along with the clear instructions one gives as the other demonstrates the routine. With over 6 million subscribers, Fitness Blender is huge and suited for everyone from couch potatoes to exercise junkies.

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    James Francis