Financial Services
    12 March 2021

    Celeste Jacobs

    Get more for your bucks

    Make the most of your income by harnessing the power of personal finance tips shared by these money savvy YouTubers.

    Talking about money can make most people feel quite uncomfortable, regardless of whether they have a little or a lot. Part of this is societal conditioning – but we can’t change what we’re not addressing. This is particularly true if we’re looking to grow our financial wellness. We need the skills to make daily decisions that have a positive impact on our future.

    Let’s bust some financial myths before we look at personal finance. Here are some YouTube channels that’ll help you get more bang for your buck.

    Financial myths

    1.You need to earn a certain amount before saving.

    False: Everyone should save. Try using the 50-30-20 method – 50% of your income goes to necessities, 30% to entertainment and the remaining 20% can be used to achieve your financial goals over time.

    2. Investing is for the elite.

    False: Everyone can invest. You just need to determine what works best for you. Consider a retirement annuity (long-term and less risk) and then potentially something mid-term, and another short-term offering. Spend accordingly too and be sure to find out by how much your payments will increase annually. Speak to a financial adviser to get the best personally tailored advice – and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    Upskill and empower yourself with these four YouTube channels geared to boost your financial health. We’ve shared a selection of our top picks from their pages, but there are heaps more on their channels that are certain to add value to your life.

    How To Adult With Nokuhle Kumalo 

    Nokuhle comes through with the facts here. You shouldn’t take advice from anyone online – but rather speak to somebody who can provide you with personally tailored advice. In this way, you’ll be certain that you’re making the best possible choices in your current circumstances.

    Financial Affairs With Nosipho 

    Apart from knowing how to make the most of your money, knowing how to avoid losing it is essential. Here Nosipho sheds some light on some of the scams that are out there, particularly within South Africa. This is a must-watch.

    More About Risk, Money and Insurance With Fulufhelani Mashapha 

    A credit score can make or break your future financial ideals, particularly if you’re looking to make a big purchase, like a home or car. Fulufhelani generously shares how she boosted her credit score from a 4 to 644 within a month – truly incredible! Take a look and catch tips.

    Financial Bunny With Nicolette Mashilo 

    Do you know the three Rs that can help you reduce your debt? Nicolette shares a fantastic breakdown on how to turn your financial ship around and gain control over your finances.

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    Celeste Jacobs