04 October 2021

    Biddi Rorke

    Help! I broke my phone.

    Damaging – or losing – your device can be the ultimate inconvenience. VodaSure’s cellphone, laptop and tablet cover helps minimise the stress.

    “It was so frustrating,” says Lara, a 52-year-old small business owner. “I’d left my phone on the roof of my car while packing and, needless to say, forget about it before driving off. I managed to squash it into a million pieces under the wheels of my car – and was without communication for more than a week.”

    Lara wasn’t insured, and the loss of her device was not just a social inconvenience. “I run my small curtain business from my phone – and not being contactable meant I lost a few thousand rands in potential sales,” she says. “I could’ve kicked myself for not having device cover. It’s actually a necessity these days.”

    Lara’s story is not unique. From accidents to theft to simply misplacing your tablet, laptop or phone, chances are you’ve suffered at least one of these inconveniences. Why not ensure the experience is as painless as possible?


    VodaSure’s simplified device cover starts from as little as R20 a month (depending on the cost of your phone, tablet or laptop) – and helps keep you connected when life throws you a curveball.

    Through our nationwide network, we are able to replace your lost or stolen cellphone within 48 hours, meaning you are back in contact as soon as possible. You can also choose the cover that best suits your pocket. Opt for comprehensive insurance (against loss, theft and damage) or the more budget-friendly option of damage only. Premiums are based on the value of your device and start from as little as R20 and the claims process is streamlined and simple. Just email servicing.deviceinsurance@vodacom.co.za or call 082 1952 with details of your claim. Find out more about VodaSure Device Cover here.

    The other good news is that cover is immediate. If you choose to add insurance when upgrading/buying a new device instore, you will leave the store insured. If you phone Finrite to activate the cover, your cover is activated as soon as the application is completed – and if you receive a phone call from an insurance sales agent, your cover is activated as soon as the application is complete.

    “My new phone is fully insured,” says Lara. “At least I know that if it gets lost, stolen or damaged, I will be up and running again within two days. I simply can’t afford to be out of touch with my clients for longer than that.”

    Biddi Rorke