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You might be data-savvy already, but there is no harm in making sure that you are getting the most of your data. So we have put together a list of ways you can save data:

Stop automation

Turn off automatic app refresh because when it's on, your apps will not update until you manually select it. This means apps won’t use a large portion of your data to do frequent updates. This setting also reduces battery usage, so your battery power should also last longer.

Get familiar with your app usage

Know which apps use more data than others and regulate your time on them. This might mean spending less time on apps like Instagram unless you are connected to Vodacom Fibre or are using a Social Ticket or Just 4 U Data which work out cheaper.

Stream offline

When you want to stream music, download the playlist when you are connected to WIFI and then listen offline when you’re using mobile data. Spotify has the nifty download button so you can easily download your favourite song, podcast or playlist and listen to it offline so you can save data.

Facebook videos

Facebook auto-play videos use a lot of data. Make sure you change your settings to ensure that when you are not connected to WIFI the videos in your Facebook feed don’t automatically play.

Navigation apps 

Limit how often you turn your location on and when you use your navigation apps. Only switch these on when you are going to be using them. Don’t let them run in the background all the time.

Let's chat about WhatsApp 

It is quite likely that your most used app is WhatsApp. To manage your data usage while on it change the settings so that any media (images, videos etc) sent to you won’t be automatically downloaded. This is how to change that setting.  

WhatsApp will also do a chat backup regularly, but to ensure your mobile data is not used to do this, change the settings so that you can run a backup of your chat only when you are on WIFI. 

With Vodacom’s self-service options on the My Vodacom App, you can keep an eye on your data usage and your bill. Buying data bundles through Just 4 You means you have access to better rates that are personalised for you. The My Vodacom App helps you keep track of your account from your smartphone.



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