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    05 June 2017


    Honouring caring dads

    Mum & Baby powered by Siyakha isn't just for mums - here are some top tips for brand-new dads, too.  

    Mum & Baby powered by Siyakha isn't just for mums - here are some top tips for brand-new dads, too. 

    Spend time with baby

    Scheduling time to be with your little one is important. 'Make sure you're home as much as you can be,' says Heidi Murkoff, in her book What to Expect When You're Expecting. 'Learn to say no to overtime, early or late meetings and business trips that can be put off or passed off.' Spending time with baby gives you a chance to get to know him, but it also gives Mom a chance to get some rest. Setting aside time to interact with baby will also give you better insight into his - or her - needs.

    Get involved wherever you can

    Becoming a father can be daunting. And watching your partner with your baby may sometimes make you feel inadequate as you notice with what ease she seems to do things. Your best defence to feeling this way, though, is to get involved in everything from changing nappies, to bathing, burping, settling and putting baby down for a nap. You'll also find that the more you do, the more confident you'll feel about caring for baby.

    Talk to your baby

    Use the time while changing baby's nappy or giving him a bath to talk to him. If he's fussy and crying while you're bathing him, for example, remind him that you're nearly done and that he'll be warm soon. Aside from establishing a bond with your baby, talking to him also helps lay the building blocks for learning language.

    Help with breastfeeding

    This may look like it is solely your partner's domain, but there is a lot that you can do to set both mom and baby at ease. Offer to bring your partner some tea. Check that she is sitting or lying comfortably and offer support if she feels like she's struggling to breastfeed. While breast milk is healthy for baby, it's a fact that some mothers can't breastfeed. If this is the case, show your partner that you support her regardless of whether she chooses to breast or bottle feed.

    Ask for help

    There's no shame in admitting that you need help. Bringing a new baby home can place demands on your time and inner resources. If you are struggling with the adjustment and need to talk, speak to an elder or a friend who is already a father.

    Enjoy every moment


    There will be nights where you don't get much sleep and still need to be up for work the next day. And it will, understandably, leave you feeling less than enthused. But try to remember that baby is little for only so long and take it all in. The sleepless nights won't last forever. 

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