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    18 July 2022


    How a tuckshop owner from Katlehong received funding from VodaLend

    Simon Bongani Jele’s story is one of hope, tenacity and commitment to his business and his community.

    Being an entrepreneur is no walk in the park. The past two years of the global pandemic have been challenging to say the least, especially for businesses that needed financial support. Many SMEs were swallowed by the pandemic waves and had to shut down their businesses indefinitely owing to financial struggles. 

    However, one entrepreneur from Katlehong refused to give up.  Simon Bongani Jele’s story is one of hope, tenacity and commitment to his business and his community. He did everything he could to keep his business afloat, despite the harsh economic realities. Today, his thriving tuckshop still provides the community with the goods they need in their daily lives. 


    Here’s how he did it…

    Like many entrepreneurs, Simon started his business on a mission to appreciate the challenge and opportunity he recognised in his community – people needed groceries within a radius of where they lived at affordable prices. 

    In true entrepreneurial fashion, Simon rolled up his sleeves and started a tuckshop that sells food and other convenience goods to his community to save them the costly trip to shopping malls which can be costly. When the economy was plunged into dire straits Simon suddenly found himself on the hunt for a cash flow injection. Needless to say, he struggled.  

     “No one is going to give you money without knowing who you are, I went to the bank to ask for money to fix my truck and did not succeed.” – Simon Jele

    Determined to see his dream to the finish line and upgrade the security in his tuckshop, Simon approached VodaLend with a request for a Business Cash Advance. 

    The online application was quick and easy and within two minutes he received a call from the VodaLend team to inform him that he qualified for the Cash Advance he needed. 

    The process was simple and within 48 hours the money he applied for was deposited into his account, enabling him to beef up security at his tuckshop and finance other operational costs. 

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