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14th Jun 19

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How data helps creativity

14th Jun 19

Michaela Stehr
By Michaela Stehr10 Followers

In today’s climate, we often get caught up in the throes of technology and lose our creative side to mindless scrolling and screen time. What we don’t realise is that there are a plethora of really nifty apps that help us to develop our brains or aid us in honing our creative skills and increase productivity. These apps not only help people to develop creative talents and personal expression but can also lead to increased online exposure.

Use these tools to quell mental blocks and to keep your creativity game on point.

Most of the apps below are available for download on both iOS and Android.


A staple for designers and for people inspired by all things pretty, Behance showcases jaw-dropping creative works of local and international artists and graphics gurus. Go down a rabbit hole of beautiful imagery to get the brain muscle on track.

Guitar Tuner

Want to learn guitar? This smart app listens to your instrument and guides you through a seamless tuning process. You’ll be strumming like a pro in no time.


Get doodling with paper for sketching and memos on the go when you don’t have your notebook or pens on hand.


If collaboration is on your agenda, use Curator to keep your processes seamlessly on track. With this smart organisational tool, you can save information, create mind maps and hone into your visual reference skills.


Did you know many professional influencers edit their work in VSCO before they share on it Instagram? Give your images the edge by using this refined tool to make your photos pop.


Want a fully functioning recording studio at the tip of your fingertips? Use looping stations to make your own beats and instrumental masterpieces.


Feeling stuck for creative ideas? Brainsparker gives your creativity a jolt by prompting you with inspiration and creative content. From words, images, actions and questions, the app uses these tools to get your mind on track.

Insight Timer

Exercise your brain with Insight Timer’s guided meditations to clear the head and start from fresh. Either start with three minutes or take it to the maximum with hour-long brain refreshers.

TED Talks

Give yourself time to listen to an inspirational TED Talk. With hundreds of topics and brain-buzzing content in the palm of your hand, it’s no wonder that these motivational lectures are some of the most popular across the globe.


If brainstorming gets your head ticking, this is the app for you. Through diagram creation, mind maps and flowcharts, you can visualise your thoughts.


Nothing says creativity like learning a new language. With Babbel, there are multiple languages to choose from, in-depth tutorials and examples all available on your phone, to have you fluent at the drop of a hat.

Top up your data through the My Vodacom App to download all of these awesome creative options.

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