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    09 September 2019


    How Foetal Alcohol Syndrome affects your baby

    The 9th of September is International Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day. Here's why it's so important to raise awareness.  

    Observed annually on 9 September, International Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Day aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant. In many countries around the world, bells are rung at exactly 9:09 on 9 September to highlight this important issue.

    What is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome?

    FAS is a result of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The alcohol passes through the woman’s bloodstream to the foetus and has lasting and damaging effects on her unborn child.

    Physical symptoms include defects such as a small head and brain, deformed joints and limbs, poor growth, and problems with organs such as the kidneys and heart. Some children with FAS also have distinct facial features. 

    The child could also display mental and emotional symptoms. FAS can affect his or her memory, problem-solving skills and ability to pay attention, which will later affect his or her learning abilities. Children with FAS often have quick shifts in mood swings. 

    Pregnant women drinking coffee
    Drink non-alcoholic beverages while pregnant to prevent FAS.

    Can Foetal Alcohol Syndrome be cured?

    No, there is no cure for FAS. Treatment includes speech and physical therapy. Your doctor can also prescribe appropriate medication or suggest medical procedures that may help your child with physical aspects such as heart defects.

    It’s simple: to avoid putting your child through these challenges, don’t drink alcohol while pregnant.

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