Thought leadership
    19 December 2018

    Drew Hook

    How Smartphones Are Driving Business Growth

    The rapid advancements in mobile technology have transformed how businesses communicate, operate and interact with customers and employees.

    The rapid advancements in mobile technology have transformed how businesses communicate, operate and interact with customers and employees. Smartphones connected to wireless networks have become the fastest moving part of the modern business machine. And companies who are mobile-minded are now, more than ever before, in the driver’s seat.

    Connect To Greater Productivity

    The demands placed on business systems, company processes and employees in today’s fast-paced world are immense. With remote working and the need to constantly be on the go and connected, organisations need to keep up with technology that can take the pace. Employees and customers can be easily connected through a smartphone. With innovations like all-day battery life, incredible storage capabilities and exceptional security, mobile phones can take the reins, both inside and outside the workplace.

    Protect The Business Effortlessly

    Another important consideration is the protection of corporate information. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and employee business devices have exposed enterprises to data breaches, malware threats and corporate espionage. Even though traditional networks have always fallen victim to these threats, mobile technology is often perceived as a bigger concern. The fact that hackers can gain access to a device in just 30 seconds through an unsecured network is cause for alarm.

    Fortunately, technology can also work against hackers. The exceptional Knox is integrated into all Samsung devices. It’s a defence-grade security platform which has created a suite of purpose-built, innovative and intuitive business tools designed to protect businesses from hackers or malicious malware. In addition, the device can be set up to be unlocked via facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint, pattern, PIN or password. This peace of mind ensures that businesses can continue to safely embrace the mobile revolution.

    Make A Good First And Last Impression

    Corporate images are also better served by mobile technology. The Note9’s Bluetooth-enabled S Pen makes a presentation look world class simply through its ability to change presentation slides, share notes or even take a picture – all from nine meters away. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Samsung’s most intelligent camera yet, speaks volumes. The combination of pixel-perfect images and the ability to present them efficiently elevates the perceived standards in a client presentation.

    Do More On The Move

    With the weight of information that is created and transferred between colleagues and customers, memory size impacts the viability of smartphones. The Note9 has addressed this with massive memory options, up to one terabyte. With mobile technology elevated to these levels, there is very little reason to doubt the continued popularity of mobile technology for business. The DeX Cable is another way to bridge the smartphone and the office. This Note9 HDMI cable simply plugs into a PC to mirror the employee’s smartphone or to create a second screen on which to effortlessly perform business tasks. The fact is, the distance between the office and the smartphone is much smaller than ever before. It’s already almost non-existent. 

    Smartphones are not the future. They are the present. What we can already do with the right device in our hands is truly staggering. Business is on the move and mobile is driving it.

    Drew Hook