28 June 2019

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    How to be an influencer

    Sam Wright (AKA Tech Girl) shares her tips for what it takes to be a micro-influencer.

    If you thought a high number of followers was a must to be considered a content creator or influencer, think again. Many brands are shying away from self-proclaimed ‘influencers’ to interact with everyday people who just happen to be making an impact on the lives of other everyday people by doing what they love. Social media has taken to calling these content creators ‘micro-influencers’.

    Generally, micro-influencers have anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Despite this figure, they are able to influence their audience and are considered to be just as effective (if not more so) than content creators with a higher number of followers. 

    We chatted to four people who have managed to turn their Instagram accounts into an extension of their work to get insider tips on how to grow your Insta following and how to create meaningful content. First up, is Sam Wright. 

    Sam is an esports host as well as a gaming and tech content creator who started out with a gadget and gaming blog aimed at women. Her Instagram account follows the theme of her tech and gadget blog, Tech Girl.

    Sam Wright AKA Tech Girl

    What would you say has helped you to gain engagement with your content on Instagram?

    I don’t have the biggest following on Instagram – a lot of my other platforms are far bigger. But posting ‘real’ content that showcases my day-to-day life while still being aesthetically pleasing has definitely helped.

    What are your thoughts on influencer marketing?

    I think word-of-mouth marketing has existed in some form for years; the internet has simply allowed more people to have a voice and build a community. Accessing your target market and being able to converse with them is something every marketing team is searching for, and influencer marketing is a helpful tool to do this.

    What does the number of followers mean to you as a content creator?

    Followers aren’t as important to me as engagement. I want to make sure I’m making content that my audience finds interesting or elicits some sort of response from them. I’m occasionally offered payment by brands to post content, but my primary source of income is from my esports hosting and broadcasting.

    What is your approach in creating content for your Instagram account?

    Some of it is planned but a lot of it happens spontaneously – I’ll see a nice picture and decide it will look good on Insta.

    Do you have any tips or hacks to get the desired engagement?

    I really think improving your photography skills can go a long way to creating an aesthetic IG feed.

    Tech Girl on Instagram
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    To keep up with Sam, follow her on her social media channels below and listen to her every Sunday at 8:10 for #GamerGlitch on 5FM.

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