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Vodacom Now!

Keep track of your Vodacom account easily wherever you are by using one of these options to manage your account.

The My Vodacom app 

The My Vodacom app lets you manage your account on your phone. You can view your balances and buy data, SMS and MMS bundles from your phone 24/7; transfer airtime or data bundles to family and friends; activate your eBilling, and view and exchange talking points easily. Discover your next upgrade date or PUK number and find a Vodacom outlet near you.

Depending on what phone or tablet you have, you can download the app via your devices’ app store, or use the Vodacom App Store.

Once you’ve logged in or registered, you’ll immediately be able to view your current balance.

If you have an Android-powered device like the Samsung Galaxy or Vodacom Smart 4 Turbo, you can add the My Vodacom app widget to your home screen for quick access to the info you need.

My Vodacom for tablets

The My Vodacom App should pick up your tablet Vodacom SIM card cellphone number automatically. If it doesn’t and you want to find your Vodacom SIM card cellphone number, you must remove your SIM card from your tablet and insert into a cellphone. Once started up, use the cellphone with your tablet SIM card inserted and dial *135*501#.

My Vodacom on the website

Go to and login to My Vodacom. You’ll find your balance on the My Account Summary page.

My Vodacom for feature phones

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still download the My Vodacom app here.


Simply dial *136# and your balance will be presented to you or dial *135# for your detailed balance and follow the prompts to find the information you’re looking for.

For more help and advice, go to Vodacom Help me

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