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If you turn on your smartphone and can’t remember the PIN code to unlock your SIM card, you have three chances to get it right. If you type in the PIN incorrectly more than three times, your SIM card will be blocked. Other than emergency numbers, you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls, send and receive SMSs or use your data.

Thankfully it’s easy to unblock your SIM card by entering your phone’s unique PIN Unlock Key or PUK number. After you’ve entered your PUK number, you’ll be able to set a new PIN – hopefully one you’ll remember!

How to retrieve your PUK number

When you get a new SIM card, the PUK is supplied with the Starter Pack. Unfortunately, these tend to get lost over the years. Not to worry – you can access your PUK in other ways too: 


  • Log into My Vodacom online
    Select 'Manage my profile'
    Select the tab 'Price plan and phone' and you will see your PUK number displayed.



  • SMS 'VPP' to 31050 from the cellphone number you need your PUK for.
  • Dial *135#
    Select 'Services'
    Select 'PUK Number'


  • Or, dial 082 135, free from a Vodacom cellphone and follow the voice prompts.

Make sure you have the right PUK number and enter it correctly. If you enter the incorrect PUK number too many times, your SIM card will be permanently blocked and you'll have to get a new one. 


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