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    19 January 2021

    Caryn Welby-Solomon

    How to keep your phone protected every day

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to be a lot more cautious about how we protect ourselves as well as our devices.

    Summer is usually a time when we let our hair down, relax and enjoy life. It’s when we close our laptops, put on sunscreen and spend our days enjoying the great weather without giving too much thought to our devices.

    This year, however, we’ll be experiencing summer a little differently because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has required us to be a lot more cautious about how we protect ourselves as well as our devices.

    Follow these tips to protect your phone and keep it safe:

    • Use a screen protector

    Protect your phone’s hardware by making sure it’s wearing the right gear. A screen guard helps to protect from cracks you might receive from dropping it, or minor scratches, perhaps from keys in your pocket or sand.

    • Sanitise your phone regularly

    We touch our phone screens frequently, and even though we’re advised to regularly clean surfaces that we touch to prevent the spread of the virus, we often forget our phones. According to research firm dscout, the average person touches their phone 2 617 times daily, so it’s essential to make wiping down and sanitising your phone part of your routine.

    Specifications for cleaning your phone differ from product to product but a basic recommendation is to use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe it. Make sure to unplug all power sources and cables beforehand, keep liquids away from the phone, and avoid excessive wiping. Apple also suggests that you use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean any non-porous surfaces of the device.  

    • Take out device insurance

    The last thing you want to be bothered with when you’re enjoying your holidays is a broken or damaged phone. Cellphone insurance takes the hassle out of having to replace or repair your device. Vodacom’s device insurance can cost from as little as R20 per month and offers different options.

    You can claim for a cracked screen, touchscreen damage, water damage, and camera damage. Choose between:

    • Accidental Damage Insurance, which includes repairs to your device and provides you with a device replacement if it’s beyond repair.
    • Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance, which covers any loss, damage, or theft of your device, ensures you get a cellphone replacement within one day, and allows for device repair.

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    Caryn Welby-Solomon