28 March 2019

    Megan Ellis

    How to move to VoIP

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means you can ditch your landline for internet infrastructure.

    While landlines are still a common way for people to access the internet, new technology means that they're no longer the only way to connect to the web. In fact, landlines aren’t even the only way to get affordable phone call rates. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) plans mean that you can ditch your landline and host voice calls using internet infrastructure instead. Here's how.

    For the home: Vodacom Fibre Talk

    Vodacom customers can access affordable voice calling through Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) contracts and packages. Customers can either use voice services on their fibre line out-of-plan and pay only for the minutes they use according to VoIP rates or choose to purchase a bundle. Current bundles include 250 Anytime Minutes for R135 per month, 500 Anytime Minutes at R235 per month or unlimited minutes for R505 per month. You can even keep your old landline number on your fibre voice line. Vodacom supplies a Yealink Cordless VoIP Phone for you to connect to the voice line.

    Find out more about Vodacom's Fibre plans and Fibre Talk here.

    For the business: Vodacom Business VoIP

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) no longer have to rely on a fixed landline as VoIP plans offer business customers value for money. To access VoIP services, business customers will need access links from Vodacom to be installed. Vodacom’s business sales team will assess your business’s unique needs and requirements to come up with the best VoIP solution for you. 

    Unlike other voice services, VoIP for Vodacom Business doesn’t come as pre-purchased bundles. Rather, customers pay for their usage. When you sign up for the service, you will be assigned a VoIP number or you can choose to port your old landline number to your Vodacom VoIP account. The benefits of VoIP include the ability to save up to 30% on monthly phone calls and to handle your voice and data needs under a single service provider. 

    To speak to a sales consultant about VoIP for Vodacom Business, call 082 1960. You can also request a call back on the Vodacom Business VoIP website. Vodacom will assign a project manager to ensure that the VoIP solution is rolled out according to your unique needs. 

    Megan Ellis