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There’s a lot to be done after the birth of your child. An important thing to tick off your to-do list is the birth registration. Here are the facts:

  1. You must register your child within 30 days of his or her birth.
  2. Anyone who is legally responsible for the child – whether it’s the biological parents, adoptive parents or guardians – can register him or her.
  3. Registration is done at the Department of Home Affairs.
  4. Once complete, the parent or guardian will receive an unabridged birth certificate free of charge.
  5. If you need more copies, you can apply and pay the required fee at the Department of Home Affairs.
  6. If born into a marriage, your child can be registered under the surnames of both the father and mother.
  7. Children born out of wedlock are usually registered under the mom’s surname. If both parents give permission for the child to have the father’s surname, this can be done too.
  8. If you do not register your child within 30 days of his or her birth, this is seen as a late registration. Parents who register late need to meet extra requirements. Contact the Department of Home Affairs for more information.

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